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About Us



Marman Developments is a builder of fine homes. We are based in Vancouver, BC. We operate both as a Developer that builds and markets our own projects on a speculative sale basis, and as a Project Manager serving the needs of clients looking to custom-build their dream homes. Regardless of the role we take on, we take pride in delivering homes that share the following qualities:


Functionality – We believe that a home must first and foremost be practical in serving the lifestyle needs of the occupants. We pay special attention to the layout design to ensure optimal flow and that every square-foot has purpose.


Value – We aim to make the most out of any budget given to a project. In our capacity as developer, we must be mindful in making choices that generate a positive return on our investment. We carry this same mentality with our custom-build clients, treating their investment as our own and ensuring that they receive the most possible from their budget.


Cost of Ownership – Energy, water, and maintenance can represent significant ongoing costs to a homeowner. We aim to minimize these costs through thoughtful design and selection of building materials and systems.


We are a licensed Residential Builder with the Homeowners Protections Office. Our new homes are covered by the 2-5-10 Home Warranty Program.

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